Here's a taste just for you!

I offer a variety of different online programs, mini-packages and live workshops.

All my 'Intuitive Self' offerings are invitations to explore your bodies wisdom, connecting through somatic awareness & intuitive movement. I incorporate art invitations to enhance your creative self-discovery and reflective writing journal prompts for further integration.

An opportunity to be with your WHOLE self - Body, Heart & Mind.

This package gives you a taste of some of these practices.

If it resonates: there is plenty more where that came from ;) 

You'll receive...

*A Body-connection, somatic-awareness process

*An intuitive-movement process, following your impulses

(Both body processes include video demonstration + downloadable audio file to use regularly)

*A creative arts process, which you can do over & over & over again

*A PDF worksheet, including: reflective enquiry questions; journal prompts; and integration tips.

These processes are an opportunity to...

*Be inspired to intentionally connect with yourself in creative ways

*Develop mindful embodied practices to support how you move through the world and navigate life

*Explore integrating these practices into your daily and weekly life

*Enjoy being playful, curious ~ enhancing your self-awareness & strengthening your Intuitive Self 

Treat yourself!