In this BODY MAPPING Mini-Package...

I offer body awareness and somatic enquiry invitations to inspire a practice of body mapping. 

These processes are an avenue to learn new ways to listen to, engage with and understand how your body is communicating with you. 

Be curious! ~ Lean into feeling!

Develop awareness of what is present and creatively explore how to be with what is there. 

This practice encourages you to find a pause, to have intentional space for enquiry. To tune in, be curious rather than judgmental to what you sense/feel/think, and enhances your ability to name, acknowledge and be with different sensations, feelings and thoughts

Using embodied mindfulness, somatic touch and creative arts as entry points for understanding and deeper connection with our whole selves - body, heart and mind. 

*Be inspired to creatively connect with yourself 

*Enhance your self-awareness and ability to listen to, engage with and understand your bodies wisdom

*Develop mindful embodied practices to navigate life with and integrate into your days 

*Enjoy intentional, creative and curious ways to explore your inner and outer worlds

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